Executive VP Client Relations

Adam spent 10 years at Mitsubishi Motors and held various management roles including Commercial Fleet, Sales Promotions and Incentives, Wholesale Distribution, and the captive finance company overseeing the Marketing and Pricing departments.

Adam was recruited by Wachovia Dealer Services in 2004 where he started as Assistant Vice President and Channel Product Manager in charge of the VSC and GAP products/programs. When Wells Fargo purchased Wachovia in 2008, Adam was promoted to Vice President and Director of Business Operational Support Services where he spent his career managing four departments within the organization.

Adam became President of Warranty Solutions and profitability grew the business over 8 years. In 2015 AmTrust purchased Warranty Solutions from Wells Fargo and maintained it as a standalone VSC provider/administrator located in Denver, Colorado. Adam remained President.

In 2018 Amynta purchased Warranty Solutions along with Warrantech and OwnerGuard
from AmTrust. Adam was promoted to President of Sales in 2019 where he spent the next year helping facilitate the transition to a single provider/administrator with multiple brands.

In 2023, First Group asked Adam to join the team.

Adam is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in
Economics and Business Administration. Adam served 6 years in the U.S. Air Force as a meteorologist before entering the civilian business world.


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