Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Emily started her career with First Innovations in 2006. During her tenure she has held and performed every internal operations’ position within the company. Each time she raised the level of efficiency and productivity within each area during her tenure there. Emily continued to show the drive and determination, along with the skills, to continue her ascent within the company. She was promoted to Vice President Accounting in 2013, and was eventually promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2015. In 2018, Emily became a shareholder in all the First Group Family of Companies.

Emily’s contribution to the growth and improvement in the administration and operations of all of First Group has been immeasurable. Her leadership and commitment has been irreplaceable in the growth and success of our companies over that past 20+ years.

Emily continues to ensure that First Group’s Family of Companies have the most professional, efficient and effective administration operations within the industry. Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major from Concordia University of Texas and a MBA from Corncordia University of Texas. She holds a Property and Casualty Insurance license, an Excess & Surplus insurance license and is AFIP Certified. Emily has also received extensive education, experience and certification in the area of reinsurance administration and accounting.


If you are interested in first year earnings in the high five figures and potential career salaries well into the six figure incomes annually, then First Innovations has your opportunity.

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