Mark Hawley

Senior Vice President Operations

Mark is a top automotive retail-experienced individual.  Mark directs and coordinates First Innovations’ dealership finance and insurance income development nationally and oversees all of our active dealership accounts in 12 states. 

After college, Mark entered the automobile industry on the retail side for a large dealership group in Houston, Texas.  Mark worked his way up the ranks and became the Director of Finance for one of their dealerships.

He was promoted to open one of their new dealership acquisitions in Austin, Texas, where Mike Edwards recruited him in 1995 to be Director of the F&I training program for Texas Automobile Dealers Association’s endorsed company.  He was eventually promoted to Director of F&I Development.

He returned to the retail side in 1998 as the GSM for a large dealer group in Austin, Texas.  He managed their Nissan dealership and then their Lincoln Mercury dealership before acquiring his own Leasing Company.  Mark was very successful with his leasing company, but was forced to sell it when his major flooring and financing source, GE Capital, pulled out of the independent leasing business.

Mark was also Vice President for Smart Note, an innovative equity acceleration program for automobile financing before joining First Innovations, Inc. 

First Innovations asked Mark to join its organization in 2002 as a Regional Manager and F&I training instructor.  He was promoted to Vice President of Development after many years of high performance, and in 2015 was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations.

Mark received his formal education at Colorado State University, in Marketing and Finance and is AFIP Certified.