If you are interested in first year earnings in the high five figures and potential career salaries well into the six figure incomes annually, then First Innovations has your opportunity.

1 in 6 persons’ career today is directly or indirectly linked to the automotive industry.  Manufacturers, financial institutions, petrochemical industry, steel industry, transportation industry, insurance industry, advertising industry, mass media industry, software industry, service provider industry, training industry, repair facilities, and thousands more depend on the automotive industry. 

On the retail side the average automobile dealership employs 54 persons and has an annual payroll of $2,594,000, which represents almost 14% of the nation’s total retail trade payroll, or $53.9 Billion dollars.

First Innovations is one of the nation’s leading automotive retail income development companies.  We can help you on a career path in the retail automotive industry through recruiting, training and placement with hundreds of dealership clients throughout the United States.

In addition, there are excellent opportunities for a long term career with First Innovations.  We provide outstanding products, services, training and support to hundreds of automobile dealerships nationwide.

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Dealership Positions

Sales Associate

A sales associate requires the ability and personality to deal directly with the consumer as well as excellent communication skills.

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Internet Sales Specialist

The Internet sales specialist manages the online sales conducted through a dealership’s website.

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New or Used Vehicle Sales Manager

Responsible for displaying and maintaining vehicle inventories.

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Finance and Insurance Manager

The F&I manager arranges financing for customers as well as provides insurance and benefit programs to the customer.

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General Sales Manager

Responsible for the overall performance and profitability of the new and used vehicle departments.

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First Innovations’ Positions

Assistant Regional Manager

Involves duties in various areas of our business such as product installations, account servicing, training support, administration, and requires some traveling.

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Sales and/or F&I Training Specialist

Provides specialized group and individual training and support to automotive dealership personnel in the areas of sales, sales management, internet sales, prospecting, customer follow-up, business development, finance and insurance, hands on demonstrations, inventory management, used vehicle management, financial statement analysis, and more.

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Regional Manager

Responsible the solicitation, servicing, support, performance and management of an assign territory of automobile dealership accounts.

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Regional Vice President

Responsible and accountable for the performance of a group of Regional Managers and their accounts.

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Vice President Account Development

Responsible and accountable for the development and performance of all existing accounts and personnel.

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