Vehicle Service Contracts

First Guard’s service contracts are fully insured by direct insurance carriers, rated “A” (Excellent), Financial Size IX by A.M. Best. First Guard offers the following automotive products:

First Guard ™ One World

First GuardONE WORLD sets the standard for service contracts that are flexible, dependable and most importantly, affordable. One World offers you the flexibility to choose your coverage plan, length of coverage, miles of coverage and deductible fully customizable. Provides Ultimate protection with Exclusionary Total Coverage, not named parts.   Additional optional coverages are also available to enhance their coverage experience and satisfaction. Never too much. Never not enough. Always just right.


For more information about our One World offering, click on the links below:
One World  Customer Brochure

First Guard Platinum Plus™

Platinum PlusPlatinum Plus ™ provides you with dependable protection for higher mileage used vehicles with this traditional service contract program’s wide array of options. Choose the coverage that meets your needs, then choose from the available time and mileage terms and deductible options. All plans include benefits to complete your customers’ coverage package. We also offer additional optional coverages to enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

For more information about our Platinum Plus offering, click on the links below:
Platinum Plus Customer Brochure

First Guard Platinum Extra ™

Platinum ExtraPlatinum Extra™ provides coverage for very high mileage vehicles on the most important parts – from the transmission, to seals and gaskets, to the engine.


For more information about Platinum Extra, click on the links below:
Platinum Extra Customer Brochure

First Guard Certified Wrap™

Certified Wrap covers costs to repair or replace any breakdown of parts, except engine, turbocharger/supercharger, transmission, transfer case, and drive axle components that are already covered by the manufacturer’s Pre-owned Certified program (CPO).  This coverage mirrors exactly the manufacturer's CPO program by make and model.



First Guard Power Edge


First Guard Service Drive Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle service contract coverage that can be sold directly from the service drive on vehicles.  Interested dealers should contact our sales department at or 800-395-8664 for more information.


Information about First Guard Service Drive is available by clicking on the links below:
Service Drive Customer Brochure


For more information, contact your First Guard sales representative at 800-395-8664 or