Your used vehicle inventory represents the fastest depreciating asset in your dealership. It also represents the greatest opportunity for the best return on your investment.

  • Used vehicle management procedures, objectives and goals
  • Achieving maximum net to gross:  expense forecasting
  • How to achieve a 45 day turn of inventory units and dollars
  • Inventory management reporting system and software
  • Proper mix and supply of inventory
  • Inventory acquisition:  when do you need it, where do you get it!
  • Sub prime sales and inventory management that takes the mystery and frustration out of sub prime business
  • The right customer, in the right car, with the right lender
  • Maximizing your lenders
  • Making event sales successful
  • Make wholesale profitable


F&I Training Testimonials
     Date/Time: 4/18/13 (1:59 PM)
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