All our training programs are instructed by top “retail” experienced professionals.  Rather than mere textbook recital, our training programs relate as well as demonstrate to those in attendance.  The old adage…”You can Talk-the-Talk, but can you Walk-the-Walk?” is important.  All First Innovations’ instructors “walk-the-walk” every month.  When not in the classroom, they are in dealerships providing hands on demonstration and instruction.

Training classes are held in Austin, Texas each month at our high tech corporate training center.  In addition, customized training seminars can be held in the dealership or on a regional basis for out of state dealers.

First Innovations is continuously updating and creating training programs to maintain maximum effectiveness and to meet the needs of our dealer body.  Some of the training programs utilized have been featured at NADA and numerous State Association Conventions, factory sponsored programs and in hundreds of dealerships around the country.

First Innovations' Training Facility

First Innovations’ corporate training center is located at our corporate offices in Austin, Texas.  The classroom setting has all the advanced technological tools available to ensure successful, enjoyable and retainable training occurs.  Audio and video capabilities for internet access, video presentations, audio presentations, digitally captured role playing and recording, complete video and audio role playing room for practice and demonstrations.  Lunch is provided and catered in for every training class held and a fully refreshment stocked break lounge and facility is provided during the day.